Modulus is an equal opportunity employer that actively promoted performance driven work space and culture. More than jobs, we provide career to our people. We have plenty of examples of feet on street guys to become successful leaders. Our MD and DMD both started their career as interviewers and gradually became organization leaders.

Modulus actively encourage its people to think, to explore new ideas and try out unknown horizons. We all are professionals and have our strength and weakness as human beings. Being an organization our job is to build up on your strengths and bridge your skill, knowledge and behavioral gaps.

Career at modulus

Trust lies in the center of our business as well as people philosophy. We believe in our people and want them to trust us completely. We recognize individual excellence, but an organization thrives on successful delivery of its teams. Thus bonding within individuals as well as functions are of supreme importance to us. We don’t believe in silos and don’t want our people to fall into it.

Modulus has a flat organization structure and we don’t believe in unnecessary bureaucratic complications. Cross functional groups are quite common during project implementation. We use these groups as learning platforms of our future leaders.

Today, we provide the best possible work space in Market Research industry. If you are sure of your capabilities, truly sky is your limit in Modulus.

Modulus leadership team comprises of both veteran and young blood bound by strong value system and professionalism.

Open Opportunities

Modulus Research Division is based out of Delhi & Mumbai offices with a band of young talents working under senior leadership. Analysis Division is based out of Kolkata & Chennai and comprised of a pool of gifted data crunchers.


Level : A Division : Data Processing Specialist Location : Kolkata, Chennai

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Job Brief

The Data Processing Specialist is responsible for assisting internal clients in determining appropriate data processing needs to meet a client’s defined business objective. Depending upon selected methods, the Data Processing Specialist assists in the development of client needs and project estimates, tabulation plans, banner plans, verbatim coding framework, project timelines and field resources. The Data Processing Specialist works closely with Project Managers and Delivery Managers as a data validation specialist to ensure post-launch data integrity and with vendors ensuring the successful execution of back-end deliverables from standard tabulations to report presentations. The Data Processing Specialist takes a hands-on approach with clients in data table design, developing specifications, and facilitating data compilation for research reporting.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communicate with Project Managers and Delivery Managers to understand the client’s business objectives to ensure expectations for our deliverables are met
  • Verify data accuracy & integrity by completing logic checks against interview/survey data and final post-field checks
  • Create tabulation programs, data tables and other electronic outputs as required by analysis specifications to help meet research needs and expectations
  • Serve as a key technical expert in processing including hands-on data manipulation
  • Work with Survey Programmers to write data processing efficiencies into an online collection environment
  • Assist internal Project Managers in managing fieldwork when needed
  • Help coordinate with external vendors for coding and tabulation requirements
  • Construct tab & banner plans appropriately to meet our client’s research needs
  • Review data, produce top-line summary reports, and work with project teams to facilitate analytic outcomes
  • Effectively work/communicate both as an individual and as part of a team

Other duties may be assigned

Job Requirements

Skill requirements

  • Practical experience with a wide array of quantitative research methodologies
  • Academic background in fundamental research techniques and analyses
  • Advanced proficiency in: Quantum, SPSS, SAS, Merlin, Excel
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL+ and MS Access

Key Behavioural Attributes

  • Ability to think analytically
  • Clear and positive communication even under pressure
  • Eye towards details
  • Sincerity and result orientation

Key Interactions


  • Research Team – to ensure proper data management
  • PMT Team –to ensure on-time data flow and regular coordination


Client – to create and maintain a working relationship


Level : A Division : Research Location : Delhi

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Research Management

  • Brief – Helping supervisor in brainstorming ideas, doing secondary research, fixing up client meeting.
  • Proposal – Helping supervisor in proposal drafting. Further, the person would be responsible for formatting, spell-checking and getting the document into a “viewer pleasing” version.
  • Research Instruments – Work with supervisor to create questionnaire. Execute the following independently: prepare field kit, create aid cards + brand cards, coordinate logistics of fieldwork and stimuli. For CAPI: ensure proper formatting, coordination of correct que’re version and machine logistics.
  • Field Management – Be the “research team’s lookout” for fieldwork execution and progress. Ensure timely completion at high quality levels within budgets. Able to monitor fieldwork progress and get status reports. First on the team to do field visits. Help supervisor in field briefing.
  • Analysis – Work with supervisor to create analysis plan (AP). Should be able to a create basic AP at least. Ensure completeness and error-free delivery of tables. Able to read tables and make sense of it.
  • Presentation – Create a visually appealing template.Populate and create tables and charts without errors and in a consistent format. Work with supervisor to create individual slides and presentation.
  • Conclusions – Do basic level “bottom-lining” on each slide.
  • Project Management – Maintain timely completion of all projects. In charge of all logistics.
  • Financial Control & Monitoring
  • Project Budgeting – Work with supervisor to create robust project costs. Should be able to work independently on regular projects.
  • Cost Management – Preparation of realistic budget for field, being realistic while discussing with field about it, identifying avenues to minimize cost over runs, minimizing other costs. Be conscious about cost, but prevent wastage even in daily running of the business.
  • Timely Billing – Raising the invoices on time and proactively, as per requirement. Ensure logistics: courier and receipt at client end. If need be for critical estimates / invoices, ensure taxi peon + coordination.
  • Ensuring Timely Collection – Confirming the bills have reached the client, whether they have been forwarded to their accounts, constant & consistent follow ups.
  • Client Management
  • Client Understanding – Help supervisor with inputs to improve client servicing.
  • Relationship management – Stand in for supervisor in front to client in absence of supervisor. Develop a perception of “dependable person” with the client.
  • Business Generation – Help supervisor deliver.
  • Business Management
  • Revenue management – Help supervisor deliver

Enhancement of Organization’s Image – Internal & external (including online) ambassador of the company’s culture and values

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications & Skills

  • Post Graduate from a recognized university, preferably in social sciences
  • Working knowledge of MS excel
  • Working knowledge of Power Point

Key Behavioural Attributes

  • Ability to think analytically
  • Clear and positive communication even under pressure
  • Eye towards details
  • Sincerity and result orientation

Key Interactions


  • Analysis Team – to ensure proper data management
  • PMT Team – to ensure all requirements of the project are implemented within stipulated time frame


Client – to create and maintain a working relationship

Field Executive Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced field executive with a strategic vision to join our growing organization. In this position, you will handle different type of market research activities. You must have extensive knowledge in market research, coupled with a creative mindset and strong leadership skills.


Field Executive Job Responsibilities

  • Core responsibility is to coordinate with the team and execute the projects
  • Interacting with research team, understanding the research objective &requirement of the projects
  • Responsible for team briefing / training and timely completion of the projects
  • Evaluation and validation of the questionnaire and translations check
  • Timely completion of the study with quality data

Field Executive Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or above from a recognised university
  • Age below 25 Yrs.
  • Should be open to travel outstation
  • Knowledge of Hindi, English and respective regional language
  • Willing to work in other states also if required
  • Stellar written and oral communication skills

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