Whether it is quantitative surveys, qualitative researches, mystery audits or observations, we run the entire project for you: right from designing the study, preparing the survey tools, doing fieldwork, analysing the data, discussing top-lines and making the final presentation.

What you get is a single window service, and some high-class consultancy.

Think of us like a custom bakery


Our Services

Proficient in wide variety of methodologies in various sectors


Undertaking end-to-end customized research studies is our forte. We specialize in both qualitative and quantitative researches, and are adept at handling a vast range of researches. We primarily work with the Marketing teams, Product teams and the Sales teams of various Large and Medium sized companies across India. Researches include Market Mapping, U&A’s, Brand Health Measurement, Competitor Analysis, C-Sat’s, Idea Evaluations, Concept Evaluation, Product Testing, Brand Choice Drivers, Retail Health among others. Our team has experience in the following sectors: FMCG (Food, Beverages, Liquor, Tobacco, Staples), Telecom, Finance, Media, Pharma, Retail and Service Industries. 


If you have the questionnaire and the analysis platform available with you, and you just need good quality fieldwork to be done, yes! we take up these work as well.

We have many clients who regularly outsource their qualitative and quantitative fieldwork to us.

What you get is high-quality data, without any extra over-heads.


Do you want to analyse the large quantum of data available with you and looking for an analytics partner? We have an experienced team of analysts to churn the data. You also have an option of roping in the research team to review the analysis at various project milestones and / or generate an insights presentation for you as well.

What you get is experienced people handling your data-analysis and bring value to your resident databases.


Do you want consumer visits to be arranged for your senior team or your employees? Or would you like to meet a small set of consumers in your office, testing your confidential new product? Or would you like us to set-up a small consumer panel whom you would like to meet regularly? We are experts in this and have worked with many clients on this.

What you get is deep consumer understanding, without the hassle and the excess over-heads.

Life at modulus

Modulus is an equal opportunity employer that actively promoted performance driven work space and culture. More than jobs, we provide career to our people. We have plenty of examples of feet on street guys to become successful leaders. Our MD and DMD both started their career as interviewers and gradually became organization leaders.

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