Whether it is quantitative surveys, qualitative researches, mystery audits or observations, we run the entire project for you: right from designing the study, preparing the survey tools, doing fieldwork, analysing the data, discussing top-lines  and making the final presentation.

What you get is a single window service, and some high-class consultancy.

If you have the questionnaire and the analysis platform available with you, and you just need good quality fieldwork to be done, yes! we take up these work as well.

We have many clients who regularly outsource their qualitative and quantitative fieldwork to us.

What you get is high-quality data, without any extra over-heads.

Do you want to analyse the large quantum of data available with you and looking for an analytics partner? We have an experienced team of analysts to churn the data. You also have an option of roping in the research team to review the analysis at various project milestones and / or generate an insights presentation for you as well.

What you get is experienced people handling your data-analysis and bring value to your resident databases.

Do you want consumer visits to be arranged for your senior team or your employees? Or would you like to meet a small set of consumers in your office, testing your confidential new product? Or would you like us to set-up a small consumer panel whom you would like to meet regularly? We are experts in this and have worked with many clients on this.

What you get is deep consumer understanding, without the hassle and the excess over-heads.

Some key solutions offered

A basic research done to understand the layout of any product / service category: penetration levels, heaviness of consumption, consumer profiles of users vs. non-users vs. lapsers, usage and purchase behaviour, category drivers, brand-standing. White-spacing and segmentation are added deliveries.

A qualitative + quantitative approach is the ideal approach.

A complicated research done to understand the path-to-purchase, decision-making journey, the role of various moments and influencers, impact of various elements of a product, and estimated market shares of new products.

A common research done by the innovation teams, done to size various consumer needs in terms of its intensity, frequency of occurrence, level of dissatisfaction by current solutions and a few other parameters.

A qualitative + quantitative approach is the ideal approach

A basic research done to get a sense check about the appeal of an idea (product / service / communication). It helps businesses by sharpening their offerings, junking non-appealing offerings and hence preventing wastage of company resources.

A must-do for companies in their innovation journey and / or taking a major decision in terms of communication.

One of the most common researches done by companies, whether for a new category-initiating product or for making a choice between two product options or for verifying the non-noticeability of a lower product specification. We have a range of product testing methodologies catering to suit any business situation.

One of the most critical elements in an offering, we have a plethora of tools to test this out; ranging from simple ITP’s and PSM’s to the more complicated STM’s and conjoint methodologies, we have done it all.

One of the most important researches for marketing departments. We use a mixture of group discussions, direct questioning and panel-based benchmarking design to evaluate advertisements.

Companies utilise these researches when they have to understand the impact of their communication + marketing spends on consumer perceptions and sales.

One of the most common researches done, wherein we use some unique methodologies to identify working vs. non-working elements in the communication and help companies optimise media spends.

Sales is one of the two corporate functions (besides service) that have direct contact with the consumers and hence their performance needs to be monitored. We have experience in setting up retail panels and mystery shopping activities to help companies with actionable data. Besides strong field control, we use a combination of database analytics to generate actionable information for our clients.

One of the regular kind of customised researches done by companies to have a pulse of public sentiment. Our experience includes setting up customised satisfaction researches for our clients, either for getting feedback from their consumers, retail channel or from their vendors.

We use a mixture of high-end analysis to identify motivators vs. demotivators, and hence help clients focus properly on the key variable.

Research approaches offered

Quantitative Research

Do you need “numbers” for your business plan, or to help choose between multiple options, or evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness?

Qualitative Research

Do you want to explore a new category, or want to understand the psychographic make-up of your consumer segment, or delve deeper into the why’s and wherefore’s?

Customer Satisfaction and Audits

Do you want to gauge the satisfaction of your consumers and your dealers? Do you want to audit your retail, sales and service and gauge levels of adherence against standards?

Observation Studies

Would you like us to measure traffic movements, observe adherence of your retail SOP’s, do spatial measurements, or want us to observe consumer behaviour?